History of acupuncture


Philosophy of traditional medicine

On the philosophy of traditional medicine including herbal medicine & acupuncture is that the state is headed today in the world as beautiful phenomenon has been introduced to 7500 years ago in the foothills of Tibet appears. Those were founders, like the prophet Shiva & the people who have had a direct relationship with the lord of the universe& in the old tradition individuals due to direct contact with nature, connecting people to the Universe or Creator is very easy & was very valuable. the reason was that the old man was fascinated by the facts & no truth was not above his Lord & the human fascination with the practice that could archive the highest mission to be the highest mission of man on earth to do Gods orders.





In the name of GOD

This web site about natural and herbal medicine by Doctor Mohammad jafar katozian DR of acupuncture and herbal medicine has been established.

the purpose of launching this site full information about traditional medicine- acupuncture and herbal medicine fellow inside and outside the country .

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Hu Alshafy

Doctor Mohammad Jafar Katozian



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